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Birth Stones

Aquamarine Gemstone : Fascinatingly Beautiful

Sea green/blue is a fascinatingly wonderful gemstone. Ladies the world over adoration it for its fine blue shades which can supplement any skin or eye shading

Lapis Lazuli Straight Out of the Arabian Nights !

Lapis lazuli is a gemstone of the kind that may have come straight out of the Arabian Nights: a dark blue with brilliant considerations of pyrites which sparkle like little stars. This murky, dark blue gemstone has a terrific past.

Turquoise Feroza As Ancient Birthstone

Turquoise is antiquated, once more and again it ends up back in design. Its sparkling sky blue is a standout amongst the most mainstream pattern hues in the realm of adornments and style. In prior times, turquoises were even in charge of the material well being of the wearer.

Amethyst Katella Unique & Seductive

Amethyst shading is as one of a kind as it is alluring, however truth be told this gemstone of all gemstones is said to ensure its wearer against temptation.

Citrine Sunela One of the Best Yellow Gemstones

Citrine - There are very few yellow gemstones in the realm of gems. A precious stone or a sapphire may be yellow - those will be costly - , or at times a tourmaline or chrysoberyl, however these incline toward green fairly

Opal Gemstone Determined By Body Colour

Opal's worth is not just controlled by the body shading, straightforwardness and elements in view of spot of event. (Body shading alludes to the essential shade of the gemstone, which can be dark, dim or light and hued).

Coral Moonga Decorative Material Special Fascination

Corals are an enriching material with an extremely uncommon interest - the ideal epitome of Man's aching for summer, sun and distant seas. Like the pearls, these are likewise natural adornments materials.

Pearl Moti Also Known as Moti Organic Gems

Pearls are natural diamonds, made when a clam covers a remote article with lovely layers of nacre. Long prior, pearls were imperative budgetary resources, practically identical in cost to land, as a great many clams must be hunt down only one pearl.

Cats Eye harmonizes Ketu

Feline's Eye fits Ketu which is customarily known as the "Tail of the Dragon". It is an aluminate of beryllium-a blend of aluminum and beryllium having hints of oxide of iron and chromium.

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