Hessonite Gomed is otherwise called Cinnamon stone

Hessonite Gomed Also Known as Gomed

Hessonite garnet or Gomed is otherwise called Cinnamon stone in light of the fact that it found in Ceylon which known as Sri Lanka, an area known for its flavors.

General Details

Hessonite Gomed garnet or Gomed is otherwise called Cinnamon stone in light of the fact that it found in Ceylon which known as Sri Lanka, an area known for its flavors. The Hessonite Gomed is additionally one of the famous gemstone in the Indian market with the name of Gomed or gomed.

In spite of the fact that there are different classes of garnets that accessible, the Hessonite Gomed garnet or Gomed is the one in India. Garnet Hessonite Gomed is darkish cocoa/orange assortment of Grossular. The Hessonite Gomed garnet gemstone is one of the Navagraha (stones that are an image of the nine planets that have a huge force on all earthlings).

The Hessonite Gomed is additionally Used to cure ailments brought on by the distress of Rahu and Saturn that makes it the most supported gemstone in the garnet bunch in the Indian market. It is trusted that a characteristic Hessonite Gomed garnet can make preparations for the awful impact of Rahu and can help in fast recuperation to get achievement tries. The gemstone is likewise known not longing, vitality, riches, satisfaction and convey great wellbeing and flourishing to the wearer.

The soothsayers in India propose that Hessonite Gomed Gemstone ought to be set in silver gems and worn in the medius finger known as center finger to guarantee most extreme advantages. Acclaimed crystal gazers even request that see the diamond examples to ensure that there are no considerations that are noticeable to the exposed eye and that the jewel is great.

This gemstone presented by Nandlal D Sons, is 100% Original and comes with a certified certificate from one of the best gemology laboratories in India, thus providing you the trust and authentication, for making your decision to buy more stronger and trust worthy for many years to come.


It speaks to the God of the Ascending/North sun based hub (Rahu) in Indian soothsaying and is identified with past karma. Cosmically, Ketu and Rahu show to the purposes of association of the ways Sun and the Moon as they move along the divine circle.

Hence, Rahu and Ketu are individually called the north and the south sunlight based hubs. As indicated by Hindu myths, Rahu is otherwise called “Head of Demon Snake” that swallows the sun or the moon making shrouds happen.

Demon Snake

It’s Also said that the shadow of Rahu can compel into any aspects of one’s life hence assuming control solid control and making confusion in that circle of life. Such a force is known not to a wide range of postponements in accomplishment of desire.

The gemstone Hessonite is the stone for the Zodiac sign Aquarius. It is additionally official birthstone for January as embraced by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912. Hessonite’s forces incorporate recuperating, quality, and insurance and it is frequently worn to soothe irritations of the skin. It is additionally accepted to direct the heart and blood stream and help in curing misery. In prior times, hessonite were traded as endowments between companions to show their fondness for one another and to guarantee that they meet once more.

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