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About Nandlal D Sons Jewellery


Nandlal D Sons jewellers, has been the leading jewellers in Precious Birth stones and Diamond Jewellery for Decades.

With word of our quality and workmanship travelling across India and abroad, we continue to craft exclusive diamond jewellery from enchanting, unique designs that adorn the aristocrats of the modern world. Trust is the most often used words in the jewellery market today. We at Nandlal D Sons are proud of our tradition of delivering 100% quality and living up to customers trust & expectations, year after year. Nandlal D sons jewellers is one of the leading suppliers of birth stones in New Delhi India.

Leading Jewellers in Original Birth Stones for Decades.

This exquisite collection of original birth stones is a perfect addition to your wardrobe adding grandeur to every occasion.


Nandlal D Sons jewellers,  founded in 1962 by late Shri Nandlal Gaba and his five sons at Chandni chowk . Our great forefathers had jewellery business in Shikarpur Sind before independence .

Trusted Since 1962

For a century now, Nandlal D Sons Jewellers has stood up for a lifetime of faith. Faith in knowing that our birth stones and diamond jewellery all bear the highest global standards of purity, excellence and design.


We Introduce ourselves as a well established trading business house with diverse business interests. We have developed our core competence in the field of precious original birth stones.